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Apple Watch Wireless Charging Pcba

Apple Watch Wireless Charging Pcba

1 . Product Definition QI-TX1806 transmitter module consists of a PCBA with micro USB connection to the external QuickCharge2.0/3.0 Adapter supply. Coloured LED indicates status of the transmitter, such as receiver detection, charging and error, etc. Best Efficiency Best Efficiency is tested...

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1. Product Definition

APPLE WATCH-TX1806 transmitter module consists of the 20mm Tx coil (see later description) with an integrated electronics PCB. 

For the APPLE WATCH-TX1806 transmitter module offers a Coil-to- Apple watch surface charging distance 1.5mm(+/- 0.2mm).

For the APPLE WATCH-TX1806 transmitter module accepts 5V02.A power input , 0%-100% full charged of apple watch within 3hours .

Thermal management system is designed to stop power transfer when the sense temperature is exceeding safety threshold while auto-resume mechanism would rescan the device when the temperature cool down to safety level.


2.Coil Module Unit

input voltage : 5V (+/-5%)

Rated input current: 5V-0.2A

Required input Ripple voltage:  <110mVp-p @ 0.2A 5V

Output power of Rx: 5V200mA 1W

Ambient operating Temperature: -10 to 45°C

Over current protection: Yes

Thermal protection: Yes

Storage Temperature: -20 to +85°C

Effective Charging Area:  typ. +/-1mm from coil centre (Dz=1mm)

Effective Charging Distance: typ.+0~ +2mm from Tx-coil to Rx-coil



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