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Speaker has many kinds devices with different functions, such as the mobile phone wireless charger speaker, Qi wireless charger bluetooth speaker, the wireless charger bluetooth speaker for iphone and so on. It is practical that it can not only provide power but also it is capable of providing the clear sound quality which can work as the spearker.
It has modern appearance with the smooth surface owing to the good treatment. It is delicate with no burrs, which touches soft and comfortable. And it is light in weight with the small size, which is convenient to move and carry. Endurable, it has prolonged service life that it can be used for a long time. It is safe to use with the ergonomic and scientific design.
Manufactured with strict standards which is able to meet the international requirements, it is of premium quality since our company is one of the professional manufacturers. And it is available to provide the customized service that you will get the suitable one from our factory with cheap price.
  • Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Speaker

    Mobile Phone Wireless Charger Speaker

    Audio input, Bluetooth stereo, excellent sound quality, bass shock, trendy personality appearance! Wireless Bluetooth transmission solves the problem of the short wires and wires that usually cause troubles! Wireless, wherever you want to place it.

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  • QI Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker

    QI Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker

    Ultra-subwoofer stereo audio performance
    ​NFC for convenient pairing
    Elegant and fashionable design
    Multiple safety protection system to ensure battery safety.

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  • QI Wireless Charger Lint Speaker

    QI Wireless Charger Lint Speaker

    This product uses the latest minimalist design, taking into account the stylish appearance, while adding the elements of cotton, so that the entire product is full and full, the internal program is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 system, giving users a better experience

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  • Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

    Wireless Charger Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

    1. Surface fluff, texture surface, stylish appearance.
    2. High touch buttons.
    3. The 3.5mm stereo input cable is used to play other audio devices.

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  • Home Bluetooth Speaker

    Home Bluetooth Speaker

    The best-selling home Bluetooth wireless charging speaker in 2018, high efficiency and environmental protection. Ultra-low power consumption, high efficiency, low radiation.

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  • Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

    Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

    Equipped with mobile wireless charging function, eliminating the troubles caused by the complicated data lines, simple and elegant design is more stylish, Bluetooth 4.1 to make the product more powerful

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As one of the most professional speaker manufacturers in China, our factory provides the best customized speaker with competitive price. Welcome to wholesale high quality products at cheap price.