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Apple Sends A New Apple Pencil: Looks More Like A Pen. Supports Magnetic Charging.

Edit:Shenzhen Keliway Technology.,LtdUpDate:Oct 31, 2018

apple pencil wireless charger

Apple released a new generation of Apple Pencil stylus. The new look is more like a pen, magnetic charging wireless, priced at $ 129.

In design, the new generation of Apple Pencil will eliminate the top of the silver ring decoration, the overall white, looks more concise. The shape becomes hexagonal (formerly pure circle).

The new generation of Apple Pencil supports magnetic wireless charging as the biggest improvement. Since the iPad Pro cancels the Lighting interface and uses USB-C, the new generation of Apple Pencil will connect to the iPad Pro device wirelessly, just like AirPods, not through physics. connection. It automatically charges when you attach the Apple Pencil to the iPad Pro.