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What is Qi Wireless Charging Receiver

Edit:Shenzhen Keliway Technology.,LtdUpDate:May 17, 2018

Qi is the world’s first wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (the “Alliance”), the standardization organization that promotes wireless charging technology. It is convenient and versatile. First of all, different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, Qi wireless charger can be used to charge. Secondly, it has overcome the technological bottlenecks of the “universality” of wireless charging. In the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can be charged with Qi wireless chargers, which will provide possibilities for large-scale wireless charging applications. The "Qi" icon is the pinyin (Qi) of "qi" in Chinese. It means "representing the "qi" in Asian philosophy - an invisible energy.